The objective of the Morrison Farmers’ Market is to provide local residents, as well as its visitors, with fresh, locally grown foods and craft products, while also supporting rural and urban farmers and artisans. A vendor is any person offering for sale articles for human consumption such as fruits, vegetables, edible grains, certified organic products, nuts and berries, as well as artisan products. There are no exclusive rights to products for sale in the market, however the market committee has the right to limit the number of vendors in any category (baked goods, produce, jewelry, photography, and others) to create the best mix of products for the success of both the market and the vendors. The Market Committee reserves the right to approve or reject any items offered for sale. Local farmers are those operating in Northwest Illinois, although products from other locations may be sold if the market would benefit.

2017 Vendor Application


  • All vendors will complete the Vendor Application and receive approval from the Market Committee prior to market day. A “walk-in” vendor who arrives on market day must complete the Vendor Application and be approved by the Market Committee for that market day before they set up.
  • All baked goods and on-site prepared food vendors must have acquired all necessary licenses, permits, etc., prior to the market season or market day and furnish copies to the Market Committee before entrance to the market as a vendor.
  • All vendors must be in compliance with any government regulations through the State of Illinois and Whiteside County. Documentation must be presented before assigning space.
  • The collection of Illinois State Sales Tax is the responsibility of the seller. For more information call (800) 732-8866 or (312) 814-5258.
  • At the discretion of the Market Committee, a non-profit organization or community group may be permitted to participate, if its participation will provide a public service or will serve to promote the purposes and goals of the group. Organizations wishing to raise funds during the market will be required to purchase a market space and must have prior approval of the Market Committee.


  • Fresh produce may be sold by the piece, or by weight on a scale that is legal for trade and bears a current seal. The face of the scale must be visible to the buyer. Scales used in prepackaging are not subject to state testing. However, produce so packed is subject to inspection to verify the accuracy of the claimed weight. Most produce is sold in volume containers or by the count.
  • Product “dumping” below fair market value is prohibited, except when the product is identified to the purchaser as being of inferior quality.
  • No unwholesome or spoiled articles may be offered for sale such as cracked melons, overripe tomatoes, worm infested corn, etc.
  • No purchased products for resale are allowed without the prior approval of the Market Committee.
  • A Market Committee Member is permitted to randomly inspect products for sale.


  • Vendors should enter the market from Route 30 and exit after the market onto Knox Street.
  • Vendors must be set up by the time the market opens at 8:00 a.m. Only those with vehicular stalls are allowed to leave their vehicle in their stall during market hours. Other vehicles should be parked out of the market area to permit customer parking close to the market.
  • Sellers must furnish their own tables, chairs, drop cloths, display arrangements and rain protection. The market has a limited number of tents available for a rental fee of $5.00 per day. The market is open-air. No shelter is provided.
  • No sales are allowed before the opening of the market at 8:00 a.m.
  • Each seller must display a sign showing their name and hometown.
  • Produce grown outside a 50-mile radius of Morrison, IL must be labeled as to the point of its origin. The source for all bulk products such as dried fruits, edible grains, dried herbs, nuts and seed must also be identified and displayed.
  • Prices must be clearly posted for all items sold. Market vendors determine their own prices, but it is recommended that prices reflect accurate and fair value.
  • Certified organic growers must display certification.
  • Delivery trucks and all other equipment used for transportation and display shall be kept clean at all times with adequate protection against contamination to products.


  • Those paying for a season long pass will have preference for location of their allotted space. Seasonal vendor fees are due at or before the first market date. After opening day, fees will be for full price.
  • All vendors will be assigned a market space of 10’ x 22’ and must stay within that assigned space. This allows for one vehicle and one 10′ x 10′ tent. Any Seasonal Vendor needing more than one space will be charged half-price for each additional space. Weekly Vendors needing more than one space will be charge full price for each additional space. Vendor relocation may be approved at the discretion of the Market Committee. Sharing a vending space will be on a case by case approval of the Market Committee.
  • It is important to keep the market as full of vendors as possible, therefore if you are unable to participate on the market day(s) you requested, please call a committee member:  Chelsea Stuart  (309-236-3297), or Cindy Brackemeyer (815-631-1982), prior to 7:00 a.m. that Saturday. Vendors who fail to do so will be assessed a $5.00 fine each time, and after three occurrences in a season, the vendor will be ineligible to return for that season. There will be no refund of fees.
  • In the event of a no-show of a vendor, that vendor may forfeit their space to “walk-in” vendors without any refund.


See the Vendor Application for specific schedule and hours. All vendors are expected to stay for the duration, unless they are sold out of product, or have prior approval of the market committee. No vendor will be allowed to enter after the market has opened.  Vendors must be set up and ready to sell when the market opens.


Sellers must remove all waste and refuse from their spaces and market areas before leaving for the day. It would be useful for the vendor to bring their own bucket, garbage bag, and/or broom for trimmings/waste. The seller’s sale and display area must be kept free and clear of unsightly and dangerous debris. Sellers who fail to clean up will face a possible fine/penalty.


  • Occupants of spaces at this market must at all times conform to the Morrison Farmers’ Market Rules and Regulations.
  • No seller shall attract attention to his/her goods by hawking or crying out.
  • While at the Morrison Farmers’ Market, vendors are expected to behave courteously to customers, other vendors, market committee members, and volunteers, and to conduct himself/herself professionally at all times. Vendors must not publicly disparage other vendors or other vendor’s products; this behavior may be grounds for immediate expulsion from the Morrison Farmers’ Market.


  • The Market Committee has full authority to enforce all the rules with assistance from appropriate regulatory agencies. A warning will be issued for the first rules violation. The Market Committee will handle additional violations in an appropriate manner.